We take into account the labor enrollment necessities of Organizations going from new Businesses to enormous Associations and over all Industry areas like IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. The colossal bit of leeway here is that we can give you Applicants from a Similar Industry Foundation, related Industry part, or absolutely an alternate area.

HR & IT Consulting

Recruitment Process

Manpower planning and budgeting

Departments and designations

Salary grid and range

Levels and grades

Payroll & Compliance

Employee goal sheet/ KRA/ KPI

Time & attendance policy

Leave Policy

Annual appraisal policy

Leave Policy

Leave Policy

Digital Marketing Consulting

SEO – Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website

Content Generation – Articles, Videos, SM Posts & Graphics.

24×7 Website Technical Maintenance & Support

Reports – Goal Tracking, ROI Calculation, Analytics & Campaign’s Performance Analysis

Sales Consulting

Market Analysis

Sales Plan

Growth share matrix


Product Pricing and pricing policy

Sales process Improvement

Market segmentation

External Contest

Sales Channel

Review Mechanism


Morning meetings