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HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees.”  In simpler terms, it’s finding the right people for the right jobs to achieve the strategic goals set forth by leadership. Manpower is the most dynamic and indispensable factor of production in IT business and our aim is to provide talented human resources as per the Project demand. We provide effective recruitment services for the companies, who like to absorb the candidates for long term assignments on the basis of first-hand experience of the potential employees as well as their efficiencies on the Job. We stay focused on strategic management of each step of the recruitment process and manage the entire recruitment process seamlessly.

How we can help your business

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Why work with us ?

Arohh is an Enrollment firm which is likewise one of India’s best Enlistment measure redistributing and staffing organization.

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Our Process of Work

Our underlying foundations in the board counseling empower us to carry an exceptional way to deal with enrollment. Arohh’s underlying foundations in the executives counseling carry a special way to deal with enrollment at senior and center administration levels .

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With more than 6 years of involvement with labor enrollment administrations, we have become throughout the years to get one of India’s notable labor enlistment organizations.

Navigate Talent with Confidence

Our purpose is to help you identifying the right resource and make most of the opportunities in our rapidly changing industry. The consultants concentrate on your needs and strategies to better your market value and earn profits.

Departments and designations

Manpower planning and budgeting

Employee goal sheet/ KRA/ KPI

Payroll & Compliance

Time & attendance policy

Leave Policy

Annual appraisal policy

Recruitment process


Exit policy

SEO – Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website.

SMM – Represent Your Brand On Social Media Through Various Digital Channels.

Content Generation – Articles, Videos, SM Posts & Graphics.

Lead Generation – Research Target Audience & Reach Them.

24×7 Website Technical Maintenance & Support – Load Optimization, CDN(Content Delivery Network), Cloud Hosting, DNS(Domain) Management, Traffic Monitoring/Balancing & Platform Support.

Reports – Goal Tracking, ROI Calculation, Analytics & Campaign’s Performance Analysis

Market Analysis

Growth share matrix

Product Mix 

Product Pricing and pricing policy 

Market segmentation 

Sales Channel


Annual sales plan

Out bound & inbound sales

Sales Plan


Sales process Improvement 

Incentive plan 

Internal Contest

External Contest 

Review Mechanism 

Morning meetings 

Sales Kit


Freedom to work with authority, it had good culture, timely salary, due to some of my personal exigencies i have to resign. My full and final payment done timely. I would like to work with steam if got a opportunity. I didn't find any sort of cons
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Poornima Raj
From New Delhi, India
Manage information and recruitment process through tracking system. Counsel hiring team/project heads about recruitment process, compensation strategy, location, industry trends, economic trends, competitor's practices and other terms of contract .Educate candidates about clients, their expectations and industry standards, interviews etc.
Nishant Baghel
From Pune
Arohh India, is a good place to work,where you can manage personal as well as professional life balance.Various other activities and frequent team lunch,company sponsored outdoor trips is rejuvenating. Employee friendly company,i would say though this is a manpower consulting but far better than other lala companies in terms of work culture,Employee engagement,employee benefits,rewards and recognition
Kumar Gaurav
From Rajasthan
Develop a strategic plan and set time sensitive goals aligning with client's HR strategies. Delegate work within team members and coordinate recruitment and selection activities. Maintain written & electronic records of all client sales activities and follow-up requirement They are Professionals.
Sonakshi Chandel
From London, UK